Find the job you love and a career to be proud of.


How do you build the career you were meant for? MyCareerBox is a life-changing international programme that reimagines your job hunt, starting with what matters most. Discover purpose, a personal brand and the skills to give you the edge, with expert guidance, in a setting designed to inspire.


Your Career Box?


If you’ve finished full time education and are trying to work out your next move, this could be what you’re waiting for.

MyCareerBox is designed for young people who want the best possible start to their professional careers. You may be starting to look for jobs, recently graduated or still in your final year of study. You may be doing part-time or temporary work, trying to find the next step forward. You may be busy applying for placements, internships and other positions. You could be looking to start your own business, try something entrepreneurial or set out as a freelancer. Perhaps you’re just back from travelling and trying to make the leap into professional life, without losing sight of your dreams. Whatever your journey, if this is the point you’ve reached, we believe your potential right now is astounding, and we’d love to hear from you today.


“I learned more in five days than I learned during five years of education”

Jack Hogan, Fair Oak Farm 2019


“A life-changing experience.”

Katie, Fair Oak Farm 2019


“This has to be the easiest enlightenment ever”

Jack Bowers, Fair Oak Farm 2019


What’s in the Box?

MyCareerBox is an international, fully residential programme that takes place at inspiring locations throughout Europe and beyond. The combination of people and settings makes for a unique personal experience each time, but always with the same defining benefits:


Clear insights into your personal qualities and goals, built through activities, conversations and sophisticated profiling techniques


Your CV/resumé transformed into a powerful personal brand designed for success


Interview and presentation skills training to give you the edge


First-class coaching by experts, a new network of contacts, an inspirational environment, an international outlook, and an experience to treasure for life.


"Being with young people from different countries creates an incredible environment for learning. You feel different when you come home."

Alice, pilot programme participant